Frequently Asked Questions

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General Question

1. Are you an online or retail shop or retail shop doing online?
Answer: I am a Webmaster and Online base, not a retail shop doing online. My friends from Authorized Retail Stores offer themselves to post it online to advertise their products and their services. Reason being, there is alot of bad service, bluffing customers in the market. That's where I am here from this website is to let all of you that search "Camera Deal In Town" to be offered the best services and have a price guide.

2. Are you selling local warranty products not parallel or grey?
Answer: Products are all with local warranty,  I'm getting my friends to give me detail of all brands warranty card and I will post it online in the coming future. I don't accept to help them sell grey set but I will accept to help them sell export set or import set but I will stated out there is no warranty card. I will also check whether there is an in-house warranty for you guys.

Local set - Comes with warranty card.
Grey set - It may be fake that don't comes with a warranty card. 
Export set - Product from local country but without warranty card. 
Import set - As also call it a parallel set that come from other countries but without warranty card. 

3. How do you deal - cash on delivery or other form of payment like paypal, internet banking etc.
Answer: There is 2 option of purchasing the product through me.

"Online" - Admin fees of SGD 20 to be charges for me to arrange the purchase on your behalf. All payment to be pay by PayPal,  Bank Transfer,  Internet Banking. 

"Flash Offer" - Customer will receive my Flash Offer SMS or Email. Customer will go to the Retail Shop and flash the offer to the selected Salesman to attend the customer needs.

4. Is your price cheaper than a reputable retailer in Singapore which I used to buy my gear from?
Answer: Yes or No to this question, if my price is cheaper than the retail shop you used to buy your gear from, than the retail shop can close down. Normally the price is about the same if you buy from a reputable retailer in Singapore only if you have a close relationship. "a reputable retailer" to be vs "I refer you to an Authorized Retail Shop". Both having the same meaning.

5. Are you subject to the provisions of the Singapore Lemon Law?
Answer: I strongly agree with Singapore Lemon Law. That's where I'm here to provide this service to you. My friend from authorized retail shop have to comply with me to provide "Exchange Policy" so that you "customer" who view my website will trust me on it to purchase it with a peace of mind.

Exchange Policy: 7 Days one to one exchange if found that the product is faulty by the brand manufacturer, electronic defects, mechanical defects. Human fault not covered. Singapore Lemon Law applies here too. 

Note: For Full Frame DSLR Customers - Please check on the spot once you make your purchase at the retail shop.

6. How do I proceed for the purchase at the selected authorized retail shops?
Answer: You will have to let me know which item you are looking. And I will let you know which is the best deal first before you go to the retail shop to purchase, that you are being referred by me.

7. I'm interested to purchase your products, but I don't live in Singapore, can I purchase online and you ship to me?
Answer: Yes, we can arrange that, there will be credit card charge, shipping cost that have to add together with the product you want to purchase.

8. How can I make payment through online to purchase the products?
Answer: Send your inquiry to us, we try to arrange for you.

Product Question

1. Is there a shop to view the product before making the purchase?
Answer: Yes, selected Authorized Retail Shop.

2. When I am in the shop to purchase the camera, I pass you the money to make a purchase?
Answer: No, Payment is done in the shop unless is a meet-up purchase, it will be on a cash deal.

3. Does the product comes with Original warranty and standard free gifts?
Answer: Yes, 1 year agent & Singapore standard island wide promotion applies.

4. Does the Camera comes with Original warranty card?
Answer: If my flash offer mention "Condition of Item: Brand New Set, purchase in Authorized Dealer located in Singapore" You will enjoy the brand agent warranty. Normally a camera will comes with 1 year of warranty. Either you will get the warranty card that normally comes in the box or separate if not you will have to register your camera online.

5. Does the camera box comes with memory card or case or bag in the camera box?
Answer: No, it is given separately and normally is refer as standard free gifts. Otherwise, will stated as NIL, no free gift from Singapore camera agent.

6. If I brought the camera and maybe the seventh day got problem, can you solve my problem?
Answer: Yes, when you purchase the product the first 7 days of the date of purchase without register the warranty online/submit, you can come back and do a 1 to 1 exchange.
But don't cover physical damage and man made fault.

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